Along with time travel and eternal life, it seems human kind has always sought after one other seemingly unattainable thing – the “breakfast machine.”

Now thanks to the innovation of two men in their twenties (Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura) people all over the world can check one of these off their lists. The breakfast making machine: capable of automatically preparing omelets, spreading butter or jelly onto toast, grinding and brewing fresh coffee, and even squeezing glasses of home style orange juice. Not just impressive, the machine is also a fairly green technology (as it’s mostly assembled from recycled materials). Perhaps only cinema could have foretold such a breakthrough.

The team seems optimistic that this is only the dawn of the breakfast machine: “We want to bring it around the world and I want to bring it here to London very soon,” Yuri says, “I see breakfast as a symbol for a beginning, due to when you eat it – at the start of the day. “It took a long time with a lot of people working on it, but it was worth it.

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